Monday, February 26, 2007

Home at Last

Get up, get checked out, kewl, the discounted rate was applied to both nights... and called the cab. Get to the airport and it's dead. It's 03h15 and I'm expecting it to be a zoo. There are a few people still on cots around the airport, but I found out nothing officially opens until 04h00. DAMN... I could have grabbed 30 more zzzz's, it's ok I was at the head of the line to confirm and get my boarding passes.

04h04 got my passes and onto security... holy hell look at that line up, only 2 metal detectors sigh .... it's ok got another couple hours till boarding. Clear to my gate and non of the food stands open until 06h00 that's only 45 minutes. A croissant, a coffee, a juice and a bottle of water, I'm good to go. The announce boarding for my flight and all the business men try to push around me. Just because I'm not wearing an armani, or hugo boss suit doesn't mean squat. I just about took a swing at one of them that was especially rude, he they realized I was boarding First Class with them.

First Class, ahhhhhh what a way to travel, while we were waiting for people to board, hot towels, OJ, and damn there is enough room for me and my legs. I could get used to this. We're off to denver. Kewl food, on china plates with cutlery (except a plastic knife) yup... life is good.

At denver I make my way to the my gate, and I see Michael, and Zach. Michael is the president of the company I work for and Zach is one of the Programmers, they were returning to Edmonton from a conference they were at. Chatted for awhile. They delayed our flight (nooooo not again) turns out the co-pilot was sick and they are waiting for his replacement.

I start to board and the airport staff tag my camera roller case, to be checked. I'm like what the *censored*. I spent a lot of money on a camera roller case from Think Tank specially designed for carrying on airplanes. DOHHHH!!! regional jet, not a boeing or airbus. Next time I also need to yell at them to put several fragile labels on it. On a regional jet, first class is even more important, since the jet is a cattle car. Even on the regional flight, a nice complementary snack box of cream cheese, jam, and bagel chips. Touched down in Edmonton, clear immigration, and go to get my stuff. The checked carry on I've got, but where's my checked luggage. I leave Michael and Zach to head on and my way back to report my missing luggage. I give them my tracking number, nope my bag didn't go Chicago->Denver->Edmonton. Sigh... I knew this might be a possibility. I start filling out the paper work, and they say hold it, your bag is on a different flight. My lugage went Chicago->Toronto->Edmonton, and arrived about 90 minutes after me. Kewl I didn't loose my luggage.

I clear customs, and cab it home. Excellent, time to spare, I go get kjell out of the kennel, and come home. It's good to see my buddy again..... and I start my Ciprofoxin regiment.

Everyone knows I'm home, now to start filing all my travel insurance claims... Damn I'm glad I spent the $115 on the comprehensive travel insurance..... my hospital stay in Quito, and my layover in chicago paid for ... If a flight has more than one connection I'm really gonna consider flight insurance, or if I'm flying during the winter.

It was an adventure, and I can't wait to do it again.

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