Friday, February 23, 2007

Last Day

Today is my last day in Ecuador, and wouldn't you know the weather finally is decent (at least for my time in quito... weather was great in baños). The day that I'm least going to be able to enjoy it.... so many things to do, still so many things to see. I didn't get to go to the bull ring, or their olympic stadium, I still hadn't made my way through all the museums yet. Ohhh well.

Maria Cecilia took me to the largest market of touristy stuff and I picked up the balance of my souvenirs, some alpaca scarves, some hand crotchetted purses, a nice table cloth, and assorted knick-knacks. At one of the booths, the sales person was too busy watching her soap-opera to serve us. There was this poor girl begging for money, couldn't have been more that 14 with a 1 year old child, was very hard to refuse her, but I was out of change and cash except for the cab fare home.

We make our way back to Maria Cecilia's and I pack my bags. I'm gonna get a hotel room close to the airport so that don't push my luck with anything. The meds are helping my GI tract, but every second can count in an emergency. We picked a hotel close the to airport from the yellow pages, and made our way there. It was only a mother and son working and the place was empty so we got a great deal. For la cena, the owner cooked us an amazing home made chicken soup and a couple of mixtos (the ecuadoran equivalent to a panini). Attempted to have a shower ... but it wasn't happy, no water pressure.... didn't sweat that, I was tired, tummy still tender. Watched the idiot box, while Maria Cecilia knitted me a scarf.

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