Sunday, February 25, 2007

Stranded in Hog Town

Tummy wasn't quite so happy today, my ciprofoxin, is in my checked lugage somewhere in O'Hare, and I'm done my treatment with the meds from ecuador. I'll suck it up, I have immodium, again, not really what I should take, but is better then nothing. OOOooooo Giordanos pizza, yup ... yummmy, I can see the hype..... I ran down stairs and bought myself a clean pair of socks, underwear and a tooth brush, ahhhhh I almost feel human again....

Called everyone to let them know I wasn't home yet, and won't be home until monday.

Today is a lazy day, pizza and a Law and Order SVU Marathon on WB or whichever channel it was on. Need to rest, I have a 03h00 wake up call to head home.

Ordered a nice monte cristo sandwich with pickle, fries and a bowl of french onion soup for supper, and lots and lots of water. Still fairly dehydrated....

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