Monday, September 22, 2008

Cars (Part II)

Baby Blue

This early 70's navy blue Toyota Corolla was the other part of the replacement of the Olds.  The wagon was a big boat, and really didn't handle well.  Dad normally drove the mickey mouse truck, so this was mom's car.  2 Door and compact this little 4 speed was the car of most of our errands.  Soccer, music lessons, trips through the Burger Baron Drive through, or the A&W Drive in with the tray hanging on the window (yummy frost mug of root beer, better still a root beer float).  So many miles.  This is the car both myself and my bro learned to drive in.  Engine Rebuilds, bearings repacked, regular oil changes, was a great little car. 

Green Bean

The wagon, and the mickey mouse truck got replaced.  Chev 3/4 ton Crew Cab, Scottsdale 20 with a topper.  This was dad's transport, or special occasion transport, and of course the vacation mobile.  You could comfortably seat 6 in the cab, but 4 was much more comfortable.  We put a foldout bed in the box and things were good.  Little bro and I would bounce between the back seat and the box.  Parent would sleep in the box on the flip-flop (foldout bed), little bro got the drivers seat, I go the passenger seat.  Life was good.  Lots of miles in the mountains, to Northern BC, Manitoba and Saskatchewan.

Eventually we got rid of the topper, and installed a Fifth-Wheel hitch.  That became our weekend and vacation home. Installed a 100 gallon gas tank and we could for what seemed like ever.

Had my first serious (in my world) accident in the green bean while learning to drive.  I had mastered baby blue, and my dad was feeling generous.  We were camping in the castle falls camp ground and we needed to make a water run.  Dad tossed me the keys.  I was nervous.  Down the hill, picking up speed.  I didn't adjust the seat or the wheel for me it was still setup for my dad.  I couldn't quite brake hard enough and on the dirt loop was going too fast.  Bang into the trees.  I keep going, and my dad freaked.  I side swiped half of the forest (or at least that what it felt like).  Was another couple of years before I would get handed the keys again. 

Finally it got converted to propane.  So many road trips (on my own or with the family).  So many miles driving to job sites.  Green bean served us well. 

Cars do seem to carry a lot of keys to your memories. Unlock them, enjoy them, maybe even share them. 

More Later....

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