Monday, September 22, 2008


Often when I'm bombing around the back roads, looking for some inspiration for a photo, I often end up listening to CBC Radio. Yesterday on DNTO, they were talking about cars and lifestyle.  That in itself wasn't a big deal, but one of the guests, I'll have to go back and listen to the podcast to recall her name.  She used cars as a key to unlock memories for seniors, or even writing.  It made me Ponder.

Old Brown Pontiac

This was the first car of my parents I remember.  I vividly remember my parents putting down a piece of plywood in the backseat making it a bed for my little bro and I.  We would bounce and play on the plywood, and then it made the seat deep enough that we could both lie down. Made cross country trips, or trips to the Drive-In possible.

Mickey Mouse Truck

Old 53 Chev Truck with a set of lights on the roof that made it look like it had  mouse ears.  Riding in the box on trips to the dump, or the lumber yard.  This old baby blue guy with 3 in the tree, starter peddle on the floor, no seat belts, brought no end of amusement.  I recall one trip, returning home from hockey practice, I was still in full kit.  My jersey hooked on to the door handle, my dad hit a bump and whoooosh, out I went.  My hockey equipment took the brunt of the road rash, but I still have a little scar on my wrist where the gloves didn't fully protect me. 

I also recall an adventure where dad ran into the lumber yard. My brother and I managed to pop it out of gear, and had to steer it to saftey approximately half a block down the road.  Dad freaked.  But the best to me was riding in the box.  Damn uptight insurance people and government taking away my fun. 

Brown, Simulated Wood, Ford Station Wagon

This replaced the old Pontiac, my bro and I were getting bigger.  Bouncing from the back seat to our toys in the very ample back of the station wagon.  This was the Vacation Vehicle or the special occasion vehicle.  4 Door, bench seats and the back ment there was lots of room for adults and kids. 

My biggest memory from the wagon was the first trip through the Okanogan, the main fruit growing region in Western Canada.  My little bro and I had gorged ourselves on fresh fruit.  It was hot.  The roads are very curvy and in the mountains.  Lots of opportunity to be car sick.  I don't recall for how long, but my little bro and I spent a number of miles hanging our heads out the back of the wagon puking our guts out. We actually peeled the paint off the back bumper, we had puked so much. Mostly cherries, but I think there were some apricots and peaches in the mix.  Then at one of the orchards, someones dog licking all the vomit off the back bumper.  Good times.

More later.

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