Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Music Carrying Me Down Memory Lane

For quite awhile the lyrics for a song have been haunting my mind "Stars the glisten, lips for kissin' honey listen it's true".  I always knew it was from the Rex Smith movie "Sooner or Later", which most people can remember the song "You take my breath away".  For the life of me I couldn't remember the other song.  Finally I decided to google it and found it...."Simply Jesse".

Ya, some days I'll get the drively ballads pumpin' through my brain, please give me some insulin, but some days I like 'em.

I can tell you the story of my life via ballads.  Or if I hear a ballad, I can recount many more memories of yesteryear.  Another set of keys to unlock my mind.  Now to go flush my brain with some Yngwie Malmsteen, or Metallica, possibly some Brecker Brothers, and follow it up with a nice dose of my fave, Frank Zappa or possibly some David Bowie.

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