Friday, December 19, 2008

Day 2 -- México 2008 -- Posada

The day started with a knock on the door. I ignored the first couple raps since, I thought it was people bothering others. Then I heard "Greg, my daughter sent me to get you." OK, It's for me! I hurridly get cleanup and dressed and I meet Nelvin Grande in the lobby. He drives us to his job site where he is building a new group of houses, and they were having some issues with the grade of the road. So, I watch the various trades performing their tasks and reflecting how different construction jobs in Canada are, and yet how the same. I walk outside of the gate and took a quick tour of the neighbourhood.

After about 20 minutes, or so we make our way to the house. I finally meet Marcella, and her beau Issac. Cristina laughs at me and asks how do I know I wouldn't be kidnapped. I tolder what her dad said and the door, we both laughed. They then laughed at me for carrying my passport around my neck, like I did in Ecuador. So they took it and put it some place safe and we were off running errands. Off to the mercado looking for flower center pieces for the tables for the fiesta. At the mercado, first thing up xoconostle, a super acidic cactus fruit, splash of lime, and a splash of chili powder, yummy. As we stroll around the mercado, we see a couple different flower vendors. I also see a tortilla press in action, a couple different butchers, so I see arrachera, and yup I got the right cut of meat, but it is difficult to get here. Next up enchiladas potosina, yummy, fresh handmade tortillas con chili, with a nice flavourful filling.

I then join Marcela and Issac and head to the mall. Marcela speaks english, Isaac, not so much, he does do french at some level, but my french sucks also, and sometimes I would miss the switch in language. Oh, BTW, Isaac is from Spain so he speaks Spain Spanish, not Mexican Spanish, and they are different. He also speaks a hell of a lot faster than anyone that I have met to date. Back to the house, and Nelvin and I go to get hair cuts, I looked a little too scruffy for meeting Cristina's abuela (grandma). Initially we went to a couple of stylist shops, everyone was too busy, so we end up taking me to a barber shop. On route, a street vendor was selling Mamey, OMG yummy so I bought 1 (stupid me I should have gotten more.) Nelvin explained to the barber what to do and off he went to see if he could get in with a different stylist. Lunch was rice, some amazing cauliflower patties, and beans and tortillas and something else I don't recall what. Everyone was happy with my haircut and I met more of the family.

After we ate, I went back to the mall with Issac and Marcela. Isaac gets some very Metro shoes and Marcela gets a hot dress. While strolling around the mall, we had latina elves OMG!! I'm in lust, and the movistar girl, should have asked her to marry me ... but that is for another storey. Back to the house, Cristina had claimed my mamey, but generously shared it with all. I didn't realize how difficult mamey was to locate or I would have bought more. Marcella, Isaac and myself got cleaned up and off to a house party.

The house party was a traditional mexican party called the posada, we did one at Cristina's back when I dated Rosa, but not on the same scale. So every one consumes their beverage of choice with munchies initially, once all the people were there, we then much like a mass have a question response type event. One group of people heads outside (light) and the other group is inside. I was with light. We headed outside and closed the door. We knocked and sang our verse. The group inside sang back their response until we finally get to open the door and light a number of sparklers. Then we broke a piñata. There are pictures of me being one of the poles out there somewhere.

Finally Food, tamales and frijoles and tortillas and salsas oh my.  Then a couple kinds of pastillas (cakes), and of course more drinking.  The people were great, and while most of Marcela's speak english to varying degrees, but generally everything was in spanish, I got bits and pieces, and generally just soaked up the atmosphere.  They eventually broke out the karaoke machine and a good time was had by all.  I didn't recognize any of the music (surprise surprise) but I listened intentely and laughed at the performances with everyone else.

Caught a lift back to the hotel.

I'm in love with México, no doubt about it.

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