Saturday, December 20, 2008

Day 3 -- México 2008 -- Bautizo

Today is the main focus of the trip, the baptism (bautizo) of Estefania.  I get up and I'm supposed to meet more of Cristina's family in the lobby of the hotel and catch a lift to the house.  I'm in the lobby at quarter to twelve, camera gear cleaned and ready to go.  Bzzzt!!! Cristina's aunt is anything but ready.  D'OH!

OK, I'll just hang in the lobby, there is a lady with a cute little 5 month old, so I amuse myself.  I was thinking, should I run to the taqueira for a snack, or locate something other than instant coffee, but I fear, my ride will be waiting for me and we will be late.  Turns out someone decided to get her hair done starting at noon.... about 13h00 I start getting concerned since I really don't know all the plans for the day since I just do and follow what I'm told.

Finally, one of Cristina's cousins and I hop a cab and book it to the church.  I totally missed everyone getting gussied up, but I made it to the church with 5 minutes to spare... grumble.  There are a number of families there and more or less it's an assembly line.  There is the church photographer following the priest, a nice older chap shooting film, and the assorted people from each of the other families.  Things were a bit crowded but I managed.

Estef started to get a little fussy towards the end of the ceremony, it's a little past her nap time after all, but she got to the end like a trooper. She makes the cutest trumpeting sound.  I totally knew how she felt, I didn't have my required caffeine fix for the day, yet, so I was tired and cranky, but phase one is complete.

We saddled up, and headed to the fiesta located in a private garden.  They managed to hook me up with the coffee I need. I now feel human. Lots of family and friends show up, great food and family what else can you ask for?

I do photos of the assorted family groupings and rejoin the festivities.  We wrap it up and I head to the house.  I say my goodnights and join Marcela, Isaac and another couple friends for an evening out. 

First we go to a house party for awhile, then our first night club.  It was a disco we only order a couple of drinks.  Part way through the evening I poured half a candle worth of wax on myself trying to use one of the candles to read the menu to decide what to order next.  We decided to head to a salsa club since a couple of the people wanted to salsa. The disco was videos, the salsa club a mixture of a liveband and DJ.

A good long night of drinking.  Several new beers have been added to the repertoire.  Overall the night consisted of
  • beer
  • tequila
  • rum
  • jagermeister
  • hypnotic
  • scotch

We call it a night .... gotta lift back to the hotel.... I love this place.

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