Monday, December 22, 2008

Day 5 -- México 2008 -- Camino

Today I decide to be adventurous.  I gab an instant coffee, load my back pack, put on my runners (should have worn my boots D'OH!), and head out.  I start walking towards some of the church spires I had seen on my numerous car rides between Cristina's and the Hotel.  I stop at the OXXO (sort of a 7-11 or Macs store) grab a couple of protein bars, some gatorade and some water, and keep on trekin'.  I pass the industrial area, and get to a more residential zone.  The streets are fairly narrow, and the light isn't great.  I don't really see anything that inspire my photographic interests.

An hour and a half in, I get to the church I used as a landmark.  Unfortunately there was a wedding in progress when I arrived, so I didn't spend too much time.  I try to take a couple of HDR sequences since the church is in shadow and backlight by the midday sun.  I head off to the next.  Again I tried a few HDR sequences, and off on my way.

I get to the City Center and spend a few hours strolling around I see an old fort that has been converted into the preforming arts center.  I pass the army base, and it's the first time I see any armed personnel.  I then hit a very large street market.  Everything you can image is for sale, and wall-to-wall people.  I've been keeping my eyes open for more mamey but no such luck.  Woo Hoo, an espresso bar.  I finally get a decent caffeine fix for the day.  I pass  through the mercado I visited with Cristina on my first day and got half a dozen enchiladas.  My tummy has been a little off for the past two days so I don't eat nearly as much as I would have liked.

I keep walking, until I hit the railroad tracks.  Oops I've gone to far.  I head back to find my main reference point, the monument of the revolution. I finally make it to Cristina's house.  Oops, I'm in trouble, I didn't check in to let them know what my plans for the day were.  When they called the hotel, they were told "the gringo went to work".... hehe ... I guess a backpack of camera gear and a camera on my hip could look like that. 

Cristina headed out to hook up with Luis and his family, I head out for a snack with Nelvin.  Well Nelvin is along for the walk, he's not that hungry I grab some eats and we make our way back to the house.

It's decided I will prepare bacalao for christmas eve so we head to the Sorianas (a major grocery store) to get the salt cod and get it soaking. Issac will change the water a couple times for me until tomorrow.

Over all I walked for five hours and my dogs are tired, I should have worn my boots.  I hang for awhile and then back to the hotel.  The day was enlightening, but nothing of interest photographically....

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