Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Day 6 -- México 2008

Back to the house I go, I'm having a tough time getting the directions correct for the cabbies.  As long as the get me with a block or so I'll just walk the last bit.  More time with the family.  Cristina, Isaac and I head off to the main mercado.  There might be a possibility for me to get some "rat stew."

As the cabbie takes us to the mercado Cristina asks him about rat stew.  He was less than enthusiastic, if the locals aren't up for it, it's probably not good for me and my tender tummy.  I get some "Queso de Tuna",  basically fruit leather made from cactus fruit.  I like it, Cristina's not such a big fan.  I finally find some souvenirs for people.  We walk to the next mercado, it's full of homeopathic stuff, and I find a couple more souvenirs.   One of the merchants had a couple of pet horned lizards.  We walk out and hit the street mercado that I was at yesterday.  After picking up a couple of odds-and-sods we cab it back to the house.

I head back to the Sorianas to get everything I need for Bacalao, I end up with canned tomatoes since I didn't like any of the fresh ones.  I also get what I need for making some potato pancakes.

Isaac prepared a couple of potatoe fritatas that are typical spanish fair, one onions, the other ham and tuna.  They were very nice, I'll have to make them at home for myself.

Back to the hotel, tomorrow will be a busy day.

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