Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Day 7 -- México 2008 -- Comidas

I get to Cristina's early, and decide I will make french toast for breakfast.  Mama gives me a lift back to Sorianas, and we get what I need.  French toast lightly buttered and dusted with powdered sugar and cinnamon, with stewed fruit topping.  Other than the stove is very slow, I was happy with the results.

We clean up from breakfast and it's time to make the bacalao.  I get the basic tomato sauce going and then enlist the help of Isaac to be my sous-chef.  Shredding the salt cod takes a long time, but we do it. It simmers for a while, then we shut off the heat.  I head back to the hotel to get cleaned up for the evening. 

When I return, the pork is on and the house smells amazing.   While everyone else is doing their thing I head over to another mercado and picked up a pointsettia.    Luis arrives with his family, and now we get supper on the fire.  I takes forever to get the water boiling to make the spaghetti, but we get it.  Mama makes, this amazing punch with poached fruit.  Supper was spaghetti with garlic butter, Apple salad, bacalao, bollitos, and slow roasted pork with a parsley. 

After supper, we did a gift exchange.  They got me a cookbook of typical mexican cuisine (in spanish) it will take me a while to make my way through it.  It's a cool book, and has some history of food in mexico as well. 

Overall another amazing day....

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