Friday, December 26, 2008

Day 9 -- México 2008 -- Tripitas

Today is Marcela and Issac's last day with us, so I get to the house early and say my farewells. I do a first photo pass of the house, but the results are vetoed. Estef and Cristina have a siesta, so mama, Nelvin and I head to a major park for a bit of sight seeing.

On route to the park I see a mamey vendor, I shout mamey, take note of the location but we didn't stop, D'OH!!! We make our way to Tangamanga Park.

Tangamanga Park, is San Luis' equivalent of Central Park, or Stanley Park etc. People running, an RC Plane/Car area, BMX Track, tennis courts etc. It's mostly irrigated so it's an nice green oasis in the middle of the mexican desert. They also have a botanical garden of the native flora of the state. We stroll around the garden, and then head out, we get a couple of frozen fruit bars (I forget which type, something we normally don't see here ... sniff.) Now to find that mamey cart. Nope, gone, no sign of him, I'm left wanting. I'm still kicking myself, I should have bought more mamey that first time.

We get back to the house enjoy our fruit bar and then clean the house. Out we go, for lunch, mariscos y tostadas. Yummy, A large seafood cocktail with a splash of salsa and advocado. Sooo goood. Why can't we get food like this backhome. MickeyDees or BurgerKing is just not the same. Fastfood that is fast and flavourful and nutritious.

A little more cleaning, now as each room meets mama's approval I snap off the photos.Unfortunately we never got mama's room upto scratch... ahhh welll. Supper time and the quest for Tripitas, tripe tacos. We find the place, yeaaaaahhhh!! So Good, Nelvin and I need seconds. I've noticed the sodas I've been drinking here in Mexico are much less sweet than stuff in Canada and the US. Come to think of it the cereal I ate as well. Stupid yanks and the high fructose corn syrup ( watch King Corn.)
We drop Cristina off at the house and pick up mama. Off the see the festival of lights. Instead of a fireworks show, they do an AV show projected against a couple of different buildings. Nelvin, mama and I park the car, and make our way toward the first venue. I guessed wrong as to what lens I shoud have on my camera, and I decided not to carry everything since I really didn't understand what was going to happen until it was too late.... D'OH!. We go to each venue and watch, First was historical figures of Mexico and San Luis, next was Jesus projected on a church, and finally the Virgin Mary.

On the way back to the car, I get an ear of corn with lime and chili, and then back to the hotel. I need to get my luggage repacked for tomorrow. I've got a couple of Estef's additions that I've volunteered to bring back.

Not enough time, not enough time....

I fell in love with this country... I will be back... but not soon enough :(

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