Monday, December 1, 2008

Government and Media Stupidity

Over the past ~72 hours the Canadian Government has been playing politics, and it's frosting me something fierce.  Currently, Canada has a minority government, and parliament has only been in session for a whole week.  The Government tried to stick to all of the opposition parties right from the get go.  The issue that is causing the most grief for everyone, is that the government wants to quit subsidizing all the federal political parties.  While this is not an issue for the party that is the minority government, they have a great fund raising capability.  The others, not so much.

Now there is a distinct possibility of another election, far too soon for the Canadian public.  There may also be a possibility of a coalition government, but we see how well those work in say Italy or Israel.

It doesn't help that people have to via for media attention, and since we are now in the age of the sound byte, and everyone is seeking their 15 megabytes of fame.  So now the playground bully mentality wins so that people can make their point and get their media spotlight.

More Later....

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