Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Road Trip -- YEG->YYC -- And Back Again

I gave myself an down day just incase there were travel problems. Since I had the time I volunteered to pick my friends up in Calgary. For me the difference in cost between YEG and YYC wasn't worth it, but for them definitely.

I drove to there house, swapped my car for theirs, and made my way to YYC. I grabbed a double-double and a honey crueller at the Tim Hortons in Red Deer, and continued to YYC. I forgot how much construction there can be on the highways so I arrived about 30 minutes later than expected.

We get the two little ones snuggled into their car seats, the bags and cargo stashed in the boot and make our way to YEG.

We decide to grab some timbits and a coffee we pull into joffre. With our sugar and caffeine cravings fixed we are back on the road. In no time we are back in YEG.

It was a surprisingly uneventful car trip have two kids under three in the car. In YEG I help get everyone fed and settled in.  Overall an excellent day...

More Later....


Well it's my final day in this lovely country called Mexico. With heavy heart, I have breakfast complimentary breakfast buffet, do my final inspection of my hotel room, finally checkout. I got a lift to the hotel with Luis, and we decided to take the toll road as it was the most expeditious route.

Check in, and they weighed my bag. DOH!! 76 pounds!! They need me to remove 3 pounds from my bag. After a bit of messing around and adjusting my carry-ons (thank god we are back to two) I got my checked bag under 73 lbs. Off to the lounge, I was so excited I was going to be in Mexico for a football match, Mexico vs England @ Wembley Stadium, but, unfortunately I was flying back home. Ordered a Bohemia Clasico, and settled down, and waited for kickoff. The lounge started to fill up, so I invited a couple others to take a seat with at my table. I was able to converse about football with them, such a change over last years trip to San Luis Potosi.

Monday, May 24, 2010

MTY - Day 7 - Clean up

Wooo! I had a decent nights sleep. Off to Starbucks for my morning Americano, then back to the hotel to organize my bags. Tweaked a couple more photos from the baptism, and headed over to my friend's place. There most everyone else was packing at getting ready to return to points abroad.

Adi, Isaac, and myself went to the mall, they were on the hunt for shoes, and after a successful pursuit, we stopped into Chili's for a pint and a snack. On route to the Mall, Monterrey tried to show me a thunderstorm, but it was more a little temper tantrum. We cabbed it back to here mom's and vegged a little longer.

For supper I had a very interesting shrimp burger, and finally said my farewells, and time to make my way back to the Hotel. As I was walking towards a more major thoroughfare , I saw my first wild millipede. I'm not sure of what variety it was, but it was ~10cm in length. For curiosity I gave it a light tap with the side of my shoe and it curled itself into a little roll. I left it alone and proceeded on my way.

My cab ride was a little of an adventure, we were "fly" down the freeway at over 140k!! Secondly he had a hard time with recalling where my hotel was, but I got there.

A final check of my hotel room, and time to call it a night. 

More Later....

Sunday, May 23, 2010

MTY - Day 6 - Time to wind down

Didn't sleep worth a damn, go figure, new bed etc. my usual travel problem, long previous day, sigh. Off to a different Sierra Madre Brewing Company location for lunch with Adi's family and friends. Some of the people I hadn't really had a chance to talk for a couple of years, basically last time I was in Mexico.

Caught a ride with Adi and Isaac back to her mom's place and hung out quietly. The some of the Trenti clan popped in and we chatted for a while. Andretti and Nelvin decided to head to a club, and this evening, my spirit was willing, but I'm so tired. I woke up at 05:30 yesterday and pretty much haven't slept since, so I had to wuss out. Had a feed of assorted tacos and quesadillas and caught a lift back to my hotel. 

This old man is feelin' his age and is dog tired.

More Later....

Saturday, May 22, 2010

MTY - Day 5 - Boda de Isaac y Adi

Nelvin had to get up at 5:30 in the Oh-my-god-it's-early-O'Clock, so between the wake up call and various alarms, I'm awake. After he heads off to class, I toss-n-turn for another hour or so and decide since I'm not gonna sleep, time to get my ass in gear. Get myself organized because I'm moving hotels.

Off to Starbucks, get my Espresso Americano sin leché, a tarta de mora, and head back to the hotel.

Turns out I need to do some printing so I head down to the office center of the Four Points and print away. My friends pick me up and I change to InterContinental  Hotel Presidente. Get checked in, and now time to go to work.

Start takin' pics of the señoritas getting their hair and make up done. Get what I have time for, and run up to my room, get changed into my monkey suit. I go to get pics of the bride getting dressed, but she hasn't gotten to her room from hair and makeup. So I go to the grooms room, DOH, we have had a miscommunication (go figure ... Lol), he is 90% dressed already. So I get a couple photos of the final stages of his ordeal, and off to the brides room. After the helpers get her into a very lovely dress, she is back down to hair and makeup for the final touches.

Friday, May 21, 2010

MTY - Day 4 - Meet the Spanish

Got my coffee fix, and started review the tour photos and the Bautizo photos, I'm a little tired but things are good. Don't recall what the hell I ate for lunch, supper was the bigger deal. Adi and Isaac had a meet the family dinner party, where the Spaniards got to meet the Mexicans.

Had a nice brocheta with rice, some chorizo, and beverages of choice for dinner. People sat, chatted and generally havin' a good ol' time. Cristina had made a video of the bride and groom, and boy did we have an adventure getting it to play on her mom's big screen. Normally I carry every adapter know to mankind for my laptop in order to hook up to every other kind of display. But this year, I decided to save on weight, I didn't carry my all stuff. They went to an electronics store for a vga-dvi adapter but nope way too much for a one off. We manage because I could do S-Video, but didn't get a sound connection because it was only a video and there were no amplified speakers for my laptop, and I didn't have the S-Video+Audio splitter.... DOH!!!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

MTY - Day 3 - Bautizo de Carlo y Despedida de Soltero de Isaac

Woke up in time to join my friends for some El Pollo Loco, yummy bbq'ed chicken with corn tortillas and salsas. Ran a few errands and it was time for the Bautizo at San Juan Bautista de Lasalle . Did the photos and it was off to the Stag Party for Isaac.

Diner was at El Viñador Bar and Grill. We started off with a little bowl of noodle soup, and then on to a good feed of carne asada tacos, with guacamole, red and green salsa, and as a nice added bonus a yummy serrano chili salsa.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

MTY - DAY - 2

Today I went on a tour around Monterrey with Diana and Raul (the people I hung out with the previous night.) After a little bit of confusion what I thought was a full day tour of a number of sites that would be visited (and the Spaniard's confusion as well) was an all day excursion to one of the listed trips via Tours In Monterrey. Each tour was more or less in a different direction and with traffic not humanly possible to hit all the points of interest.

So with the recommendation of the guide we picked an all day excursion to Grutas de Garcia AKA Garcia's Caves, which included stops to

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

MTY - DAY - 1

I woke up early today, but between yesterdays lack of sleep and lack of coffee, I felt horrible.  Took a couple of advil and crawled back into bed.   I woke up the second time ~noonish local time, got cleaned up and headed to the mall.  Found a Starbucks, so got myself a Venti Americano (Espresso Americano, in local speak). and a tarta de mora (a custard cream tart with blackberries).  Strolled around the mall a little more while I decided what's for lunch.

They must have been saying Bienvenidas á México to the Canadian, because, I walked into a toy store, Nickleback was playing…a music store,Celine Dion…and a clothing store was Brian Adams.  Picked up an order of Tacos Norteños at the Arrachera House, now that I'm feed I'm good to go.  I received an SMS, and was asked if I wanted to hook up with a group that is here, in Monterrey, from Spain for the wedding.  I had already eaten, but I'll join them anyway.  Time to put my spanish to the test.

Monday, May 17, 2010


This year I'm heading to Monterrey Mexico, for a number of functions, a baptism, and a wedding!! Here is a running commentary on this years migration south.

My flight is at 06:45 in the O'my-gawd-it's-early-clock, I sometimes forget that the day has two six o'clocks!! Set my alarm for 04:00, and the backup for 04:30, but I woke up each hour, and then at 4:00 fell asleep!! Good thing for the backup alarm, but now there is no time for a coffee, or a shower.  Catch a cab to YEG and get there with "plenty" of time.