Tuesday, May 18, 2010

MTY - DAY - 1

I woke up early today, but between yesterdays lack of sleep and lack of coffee, I felt horrible.  Took a couple of advil and crawled back into bed.   I woke up the second time ~noonish local time, got cleaned up and headed to the mall.  Found a Starbucks, so got myself a Venti Americano (Espresso Americano, in local speak). and a tarta de mora (a custard cream tart with blackberries).  Strolled around the mall a little more while I decided what's for lunch.

They must have been saying Bienvenidas á México to the Canadian, because, I walked into a toy store, Nickleback was playing…a music store,Celine Dion…and a clothing store was Brian Adams.  Picked up an order of Tacos Norteños at the Arrachera House, now that I'm feed I'm good to go.  I received an SMS, and was asked if I wanted to hook up with a group that is here, in Monterrey, from Spain for the wedding.  I had already eaten, but I'll join them anyway.  Time to put my spanish to the test.

I headed to the Sierra Madre Brewing Company, which is next to the hotel, a great micro brew in the style of Brewsters back home.  I had to ask the hostess in spanish, if she knew where the table of two Spaniards were, with a women with the name of my friend's friends. Success!!

Next test, I've joined the spaniards, they don't do english, and I speak "mexican" spanish slowwwwwwllllyyyyy.  They speak Spain Spanish faster than I thought people could possibly, humanly talk.  Some of the first words out of my mouth are, speak more slowly please (this will be a repeating theme the whole time with the Spaniards.) We manage to get through the afternoon, with no major problems.  We all grabbed a cab and  headed back to my friends place.

The groom arrived, from Spain, and we all headed to a wing type join Las Alitas.  Had a variety of wings from mildest to hottest.  I was surprised, because I've had more insanely hot wings back in Edmonton.  We caught a taxi back to the hotel, had another wee tipple at the Sierra Madre Brewing Co. Time to call it a night....

More Later ....

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