Thursday, May 20, 2010

MTY - Day 3 - Bautizo de Carlo y Despedida de Soltero de Isaac

Woke up in time to join my friends for some El Pollo Loco, yummy bbq'ed chicken with corn tortillas and salsas. Ran a few errands and it was time for the Bautizo at San Juan Bautista de Lasalle . Did the photos and it was off to the Stag Party for Isaac.

Diner was at El ViƱador Bar and Grill. We started off with a little bowl of noodle soup, and then on to a good feed of carne asada tacos, with guacamole, red and green salsa, and as a nice added bonus a yummy serrano chili salsa.

Next up Amnesia one of the higher end strip clubs. Very different from the clubs in Canada, much more American in its format than I expected. But, one of the things that I like about Mexican clubs is that you can buy your beverage of choice for the evening by the cup, or by the bottle. So with a larger group, a couple of bottles with fixin's is cheaper over the course of the evening.

I say it's like an American club because the girls still are wearing their G-String, unlike Canadian Clubs. The girls will sit with you, but you must buy them a drink @ $230 MXN, or you can go for a private dance for $230 MXN. That night if you spent $6000 MXN on the girls the club would give you a bottle of champagne. We didn't test that theory though. You can read about amnesia on their site, and I'll leave the rest of it up to you.

More Later...

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