Saturday, May 22, 2010

MTY - Day 5 - Boda de Isaac y Adi

Nelvin had to get up at 5:30 in the Oh-my-god-it's-early-O'Clock, so between the wake up call and various alarms, I'm awake. After he heads off to class, I toss-n-turn for another hour or so and decide since I'm not gonna sleep, time to get my ass in gear. Get myself organized because I'm moving hotels.

Off to Starbucks, get my Espresso Americano sin leché, a tarta de mora, and head back to the hotel.

Turns out I need to do some printing so I head down to the office center of the Four Points and print away. My friends pick me up and I change to InterContinental  Hotel Presidente. Get checked in, and now time to go to work.

Start takin' pics of the señoritas getting their hair and make up done. Get what I have time for, and run up to my room, get changed into my monkey suit. I go to get pics of the bride getting dressed, but she hasn't gotten to her room from hair and makeup. So I go to the grooms room, DOH, we have had a miscommunication (go figure ... Lol), he is 90% dressed already. So I get a couple photos of the final stages of his ordeal, and off to the brides room. After the helpers get her into a very lovely dress, she is back down to hair and makeup for the final touches.

We do the "posed" pics out in the garden area where the wedding is going to be, but we have to work around the people getting the garden ready for the wedding. We get done shooting just in time for everyone to grab some water before the ceremony. It's been overcast the whole time so the day hasn't gotten too hot, yet. Uncomfortable for the polar bear, but the Mexicans are doing good.

People start arriving for the Civil Ceremony.... SHOWTIME..... The ceremony was nice and had a couple of small differences from the variety of other civil weddings I've been to. Biggest thing for me, was the parents and  the bride and groom sitting  facing the guests. Secondly, no bridal party, I was told this is common, but for me was just something of note.

A round of champagne and h'ouderves, a few family and group shots, but everyone is already primed and ready to party, herding cats comes to mind, and what most of the group pictures were.

The reception was a hoot. Another difference was during the dance; of course the bride and groom dance together, then the parents cut in, and then everyone else takes their turn dancing with the bride or groom. I kind of liked that.

The party then hits high gear. I managed to put my camera down for awhile and danced, but I didn't wear dancing shoes, I wore something comfortable so that I could be on my feet, takin' pics all night.

Toward the end of the night Mariachis arrived, an excellent end to the festivities.

A large group still was ready to keep going, so the bride and groom, and a group of us heading back out to the garden area, and keep on going. We called it a night around 6:30. Back to my room and time to crash.

More Later....

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