Sunday, May 23, 2010

MTY - Day 6 - Time to wind down

Didn't sleep worth a damn, go figure, new bed etc. my usual travel problem, long previous day, sigh. Off to a different Sierra Madre Brewing Company location for lunch with Adi's family and friends. Some of the people I hadn't really had a chance to talk for a couple of years, basically last time I was in Mexico.

Caught a ride with Adi and Isaac back to her mom's place and hung out quietly. The some of the Trenti clan popped in and we chatted for a while. Andretti and Nelvin decided to head to a club, and this evening, my spirit was willing, but I'm so tired. I woke up at 05:30 yesterday and pretty much haven't slept since, so I had to wuss out. Had a feed of assorted tacos and quesadillas and caught a lift back to my hotel. 

This old man is feelin' his age and is dog tired.

More Later....

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