Monday, May 24, 2010

MTY - Day 7 - Clean up

Wooo! I had a decent nights sleep. Off to Starbucks for my morning Americano, then back to the hotel to organize my bags. Tweaked a couple more photos from the baptism, and headed over to my friend's place. There most everyone else was packing at getting ready to return to points abroad.

Adi, Isaac, and myself went to the mall, they were on the hunt for shoes, and after a successful pursuit, we stopped into Chili's for a pint and a snack. On route to the Mall, Monterrey tried to show me a thunderstorm, but it was more a little temper tantrum. We cabbed it back to here mom's and vegged a little longer.

For supper I had a very interesting shrimp burger, and finally said my farewells, and time to make my way back to the Hotel. As I was walking towards a more major thoroughfare , I saw my first wild millipede. I'm not sure of what variety it was, but it was ~10cm in length. For curiosity I gave it a light tap with the side of my shoe and it curled itself into a little roll. I left it alone and proceeded on my way.

My cab ride was a little of an adventure, we were "fly" down the freeway at over 140k!! Secondly he had a hard time with recalling where my hotel was, but I got there.

A final check of my hotel room, and time to call it a night. 

More Later....

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