Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Well it's my final day in this lovely country called Mexico. With heavy heart, I have breakfast complimentary breakfast buffet, do my final inspection of my hotel room, finally checkout. I got a lift to the hotel with Luis, and we decided to take the toll road as it was the most expeditious route.

Check in, and they weighed my bag. DOH!! 76 pounds!! They need me to remove 3 pounds from my bag. After a bit of messing around and adjusting my carry-ons (thank god we are back to two) I got my checked bag under 73 lbs. Off to the lounge, I was so excited I was going to be in Mexico for a football match, Mexico vs England @ Wembley Stadium, but, unfortunately I was flying back home. Ordered a Bohemia Clasico, and settled down, and waited for kickoff. The lounge started to fill up, so I invited a couple others to take a seat with at my table. I was able to converse about football with them, such a change over last years trip to San Luis Potosi.

The match is just starting but it is time for me to clear emigration. We board a bus and then get driven across the tarmac to our plane. MTY -> IAH was very uneventful. At IAH, I clear American Customs, and off to get my seat for YEG. I check in at the desk, and they say the plane is overbooked, but they will work something out. I grab a snack and a water and the waiting game begins. They announce they are looking for two volunteers to overnight in Huston, they will give us a voucher, plus food and accommodations. I they told me in Mexico I would have opted for an additional night in Monterrey, there was nothing I wanted to do in Huston overnight. Eventually they got their volunteers and we all had our seats.

On the flight, they served a chicken wrap that was pretty tasty, pop out my laptop and look at photos from the wedding. Finally we touch down in YEG. I clear customs and immigration in my third country of the day without incident. Grabbed some Tim Hortons, just to remind me I'm in Canada, and caught a limo back to my flat. The limo was just a treat, a ten dollar premium was nothing for a little bit of luxury.

I say a big hello to my main-man Kjell ( my four legged feline flatmate) and then call my parents to let them know I'm north of 49. I checked on the Mexico-England score, time to call it a night, it will be the normal sleepless night because I'm changing beds.... but at least kjell is there to keep me amused.

More Later....

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