Monday, May 17, 2010


This year I'm heading to Monterrey Mexico, for a number of functions, a baptism, and a wedding!! Here is a running commentary on this years migration south.

My flight is at 06:45 in the O'my-gawd-it's-early-clock, I sometimes forget that the day has two six o'clocks!! Set my alarm for 04:00, and the backup for 04:30, but I woke up each hour, and then at 4:00 fell asleep!! Good thing for the backup alarm, but now there is no time for a coffee, or a shower.  Catch a cab to YEG and get there with "plenty" of time.

Get my passes, time to clear American Customs.  The X-ray machine was have problems, so the two guys ahead of me, needed their carry-ons scanned twice.  One of them held up the works further, by requesting a pat down instead of going through the full body scanner. Suddenly my extra time evaporates.  By the time I clear screening, they are already boarding my flight! Sigh, no time for a coffee or to grab a muffin.

The flight from YEG->IAH, was on a 737 with plenty of space.  I had the great fortune of running into a friend from a former company, so we chatted and I got caught up on things.  On Continental, I got a "breakfast", a child sized portion of Honey-nut Cheerios, a mouth full of raisins, and a chocolate chip muffin.  I got a little coffee, but no where near enough to get me kick-started.

I arrived in Houston with little issue, but a layover of less than an hour.  Damn, no time for nothing in Houston.  Grab a bottle of vitamin water, and an apple danish.  Board the plane, an Embraer Regional, and it was cramped, I though I was gonna be on a 757.  DOH!!

Landed at MTY, cleared immigration, and headed to get my luggage.  Went to the wrong area in the airport, DOH!!! Ran back to the correct area, and cleared customs and got picked up by my friends.

I got a wonderful greeting from my little princesa.  I checked into my hotel, and went shopping with my friends.  I've only had a couple of hours of sleep in the passed 48, I have NOT had enough coffee, but I'm doing OK.

I got hooked up with some gorditas de harina from Doña Tota, hunger fixed.  A coffee from Cinnzeo, a start, but not enough, and continued to shop for a bit.

We headed back the my friends place, and chatted for awhile, we made some carné al carbon, sausages, and guacamole on tortillas de harina, a Barrilito and an Indio later, it was time to head back to my hotel.  On route we headed back to the Airport to pickup my friend's mom, because I had to say hi to her before I could call it a night.

More later ....

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