Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Bye Bye Uniserve

After 4 days of not being able to get the internet access fixed at my flat, I finally had to say goodbye to my DSL connection. I was willing to give them a partial pass because my 10 year old business-service's paper work was lost in the 4 migrations it had gone through (WorldGate -> Compusmart -> Interbaun -> Uniserve, all Telus VPOP providers). I never was dealing with Telus directly except at WorldGate where I was a part owner and tech.

As a partial interim solution, I picked up a Telus internet stick, to use for a couple of days but not 4. Via the internet stick, I started the transfer of my DNS services from my servers hosted at my apartment, to GoDaddy. Migrated my blog from my self-hosted serendipity install to blogger. Email from my self-hosted server to google-apps.

On the 4th day, while I did have DSL connectivity, I didn't have IP connectivity. I asked the tech-support person to have Telus rebuild by PVC,  I was on the first generation DSLAM but paying for the second generation services; I hadn't yet scheduled an outage of my service to migrate from the generation one to generation two technology. When the Uniserve help desk person told me they could ping the static address of my firewall (which DOESN'T allow ICMP echo-request packets), I knew it was over.

I called SHAW, they would let me self-install my cable modem and I would be up in 15 to 20 minutes. I called Uniserve back one last time, I was still having issues, they still wouldn't properly escalate passed their internal process for me. I will give them a partial pass, how is a 18 year old part time help desk analyst supposed to believe I was once one of Telus' first VPOP resellers, and knew the damn technology inside and out. They were going to have to dispatch a phone technician the next day to inspect the telco demarc, when I knew was the damn PVC that was the issue.  I wasn't willing to wait another day I had work to do.

I drove out to SHAW got my cable modem, came home and cancelled my DSL. I have to go back to SHAW and return my SMC wifi cable modem for just a Motorola Cable modem. I have enough firewalls and wifi devices, I don't need the extra monthly cost for a device that doesn't do 803.11A ( the 5GHz channels).

'Twas a sad day for me, 10 years of mostly pain free DSL service. But in the day of immediacy, and need, I need Internet because I often work remote from day office, and that night I had to push the latest generation of Solaro.

More later....

PS.... it ended up being a Cisco DOCSIS 2 modem, instead of a Motorola Modem.

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