Tuesday, June 22, 2010

World Cup 2010 -- Cards and Bookings

I've been very confused by the bookings in the 2010 Edition of the World Cup.  I thought there was an unusually high number of yellows and reds throughout the matches I've seen.  But, when I looked at the Fifa Stats page, there had only been an average of 3.9 cards per match (as of June 22).  The 2006 Edition of the world cup set the record for the most bookings over the period of the tournament.  Using the info from wikipedia, there were over 340 yellows and 28 reds for the whole 64 game tournament, over 5.4 cards per match!!  This astounded me.

Granted the we are only 2/3 done the group matches, so there is an opportunity to exceed that number.  Conversely I have been also surprised by many of the non-bookings as well.

More Later....

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