Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Grilled Portobello and Vegetable Sandwiches de Gregorio

Often for my friends for a medium-light meal, I've resorted to making a loaf sandwich of grilled vegetables, and they seem to be a big hit.  It has become one of my most requested dishes after my crepes. While I don't have a specific recipe I have a general technique that I do based upon what is available at the market at the time.

  • Usually I hit Save-On-Foods because I like their bread, I grab a French Loaf or a Ciabatta Loaf depending on what's there.  
  • Grab some of the jalapeƱo jack or monterrey jack and havarti cheeses, but I will substitute some swiss, emental, or edam in the mix as well.  
  • Some washed mixed greens, or arugula, or spinach, or lettuce de jour.  
  • Portobello Mushrooms enough to be the length of the full loaf
  • Assorted baby zucchinis, spring squashes, asparagus, bell peppers, chilies, snow peas, or what ever grabs your fancy
  • Good Tomatoes

Slice all the zucchinis, spring squashes into about the same thickness as the peppers.  Stem and gill the portobellos. Slather the sliced vegetables, asparagus, mushrooms etc, with some olive oil, balsamic vinegar, course salt and pepper, throw them into a hot oven (450 F or hotter), until done.  Don't forget to mix them around so they done burn.

Split the loaf lengthwise and remove some of the white of the bread, leave enough to protect the crust, but enough to reduce the carb load.  A light spread of mayonnaise and grainy mustard. Toss the greens with a light balsamic vinaigrette of your choosing with a light dash of S&P; put a layer of the seasoned greens on each half of the loaf. Next, a layer of cheese, and sliced tomatoes (again seasoned with S&P). Finally the mushrooms and other vegetables.

Close it up, slice it into manageable pieces, and dig in....

More Later....

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