Sunday, July 25, 2010

Roast Pepper and Garlic Salad

Since I normally can get reasonably fresh bell peppers, I often make a roast pepper and garlic salad as a vegetable side dish when I cook other things.

  • Variety of Coloured Bell Peppers 
  • Variety of Chilli Peppers ( if desired)
  • Slivered Garlic, to taste
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Salt and Cracked Black Pepper to taste
Cut and seed  all the peppers and chillies into bite size pieces lightly coat with the olive oil and a light dusting of s&p, put them in a hot oven (425->450) or toss them under the broiler.  Give them a couple of stirs so they don't burn.  Once they are soft with a few pieces starting to brown and blister, mix them in a bowl with more olive oil, the slivered garlic and more s&p to taste.  I personally don't remove the skins from the peppers, because I don't mind the fibre.  The heat from the peppers will cause the garlic to perfume everything nicely.

Alternatively, char all the peppers and chillies on a fire, under the broiler etc.; place them in a bag to steam.  Once they have cooled a bit, you can remove the skin. Chop and seed the works and mix evo, crushed garlic and season with s&p.  

You can replace the slivered garlic with roast garlic if you have it on hand, but I usually don't.

More Later....

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