Monday, September 13, 2010

As The World Turns

My neighbour is in an awful stew,
he is feeling kind of down and blue.
He saunters over every day --
I listen to what he has to say;
Everything from crops to war
and what they use our taxes for.
His face is nearly two fee long --
he tells me everything is wrong.
He says his crop is very poor,
his ailing livestock he can't cure.
He is just as sure as he can be
we will soon be fighting World War III
It just could be my neighbour is right,
but it won't help to squeal with fright.
I say don't let it get you down,
A smile will help more than a frown.
One thing worrying does not help --
it does no good to sit and yelp.
If we grumble and growl from spring 'til fall
it won't do any good at all.
I tell him he should do like me
and smile in spite of adversity.
I hope he takes these tips from me
as I have been through the mill you see.
Smooth sailing does not good sailors make,
we must have faith the storm will break.
Only God can calm the sea;
I let his spirit pilot me.

Tom Hoy

More Later....

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