Monday, October 25, 2010

Bachelor's Paradise

Once I was a bachelor --
My age was twenty-four;
I thought that I would never live
With women any more.

I had a one room shanty
That I built just for me
For I was a happy bachelor
From matrimony free!

My chair and table cost three bucks
My cook stove cost fifteen
I cooked my meals in a nice tin can
And kept things neat and clean.

I baked fresh pancakes everyday,
My food was never stale,
I sure could brew good coffee
In my Roger's syrup pail.

I took my baths at intervals
Depending on the rain,
I washed my socks four times a year;
There was nobody to complain!

And when I went to bed at night
With the blankets around me rolled,
No wife was there to snatch my share
And leave me in the cold.

No woman slept beside me
Nor babies in their cribs,
And if my snore could crack glass doors,
No elbow cracked my ribs.

And when I came home late at night
It never caused a scene,
I never heard a voice cry out:
"Oh Tom! Where have you been?"

I was not one to chase the girls
As anyone could plainly see.
Just when I thought I had it made,
The girls were chasing me!

I often hear that love was blind
But love will find a way,
One girl's love rubbed off on me,
That was her lucky day!

True love never does come cheap,
But it is worth the price,
Now I am the guy that was so shy,
I just got married twice!

Yes, once I bached then I got matched
And gave up freedom twice,
Now I have it made -- I would note trade
For all of China's rice.

No man is an isle onto himself
And now my story is told.
Although love calls for sacrifice
I won't change love for gold!

Tom Hoy

More Later....

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