Monday, October 4, 2010

The Old Crows Nest

The Rocky mountains are the pride of the west
but who stole the egg from the Old Crows Nest?
The nest has been there since away back when
now the nest egg robbers are at it again.

The old scarecrow is working at last
now the old black crow flies on past
Over the prairie she flies and hops
Just stopping to feed on the farmers crops.

Since the crow stopped laying she is starting to get fat
please put a penny in the farmers hat
There are no more eggs for the farmers poke
some poor farmers may now go broke.

Since the poor old farmer has had to eat crow
the farm backbone is beginning to show
Where in the world have the eggs all gone
did the throw them at the crow just to egg her on?

Should the farmers get together and just raise cane
until the old black crow starts flying again?
There are pros and cons and angry words
some say the old crows nest is for the birds.

The crow has stopped riding on the big grain trains
for as long as the ban on the crow rate remains.
If we close our eyes to the farmers plight
we may all soon feel the old crows bite.

Tom Hoy

More Later....

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