Monday, October 18, 2010

A Princess's Rose

Sunny Alberta, you are fit for a king
Where musicians play and cowboys sing.
You are named for the daughter of a famous Queen
And much of your beauty has yet to be seen.

Alberta dear you are so sweet;
The land of honey and sugar beet.
I believe my dear you are blessed from above
No the least of your blessings is brotherly love.

You welcome tourists from every land
And you are willing to lend a helping hand.
You are young in years and much alive
The year of your birth was nineteen five.

You have beautiful mountains we all know
Where there are Indians and white men but no Eskimo.
Your great oil fields are there pride of the west
As a place to live you are one of the best.

Although your family is still very small
you are the riches province of them all.
Your emblem is the Alberta rose
And your peace loving people are nobody's foes.
Like Solomon's wealth and Sheba's Queen
The half has not been told or seen.

Tom Hoy

More Later....

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