Monday, October 11, 2010

Rosey Alberta

Alberta you are the prairies' rose
With mountains from where great rivers flows
Where sometime it rains and sometimes it snows.
But more often its sunny and Chinook winds blow.
With wheat fields that wave like heads of gold
And much of your story has never been told.
Your ranches are many with horse and cattle galore
Great highways expand this wonderful land
Where there was nothing but prairie grass before.
With cowboys and Indians all over the west
Your Calgary Stampede is one of the best.

Gas wells are many as everyone knows
While long and steady your oil wells flows.
Your tar sands contain the most oil on the earth
And nobody know just how much it is worth.

Your beautiful mountains have really good parks
Where fishing is good and there are no sharks.
We are proud of our Indians and want you to know
We live in the north but we are not Eskimo.

It is no longer the home where the buffalo roam
But where the deer and antelope play
And the big horn sheep still frolic and leap
And the sky is not cloudy all day.

Tom Hoy

More Later....

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