Saturday, January 15, 2011

Football Movies

There are a handful of good, inspirational, football biopics that are kicking around

Brian's Song — The story of Chicago Bears' running backs Brian Piccolo and Leo Sayers.  Their friendship and of course how they deal with adversity.  It's one of the few movies where men are allowed to cry.

Invincible — 30 year old Philadelphia bartender turned Eagle's wide-receiver Vince Papale.  Sometimes the dream can become reality.

The Express — The story of Syracuse running back Ernie Davis, who became the first afro-american to win the Heisman Trophy; his struggles with racism, and his untimely death from leukemia.  Even if there are some historical issues with the movie, still inspirational.

The Blind Side — Balitmore Raven's offensive tackle Michael Oher, was born on the wrong side of town.  Through some twists of fate he eventually was adopted by Ole Miss boosters the Touhys.  This movie has a great performance by Sandra Bullock, and is worth a gander.

There are so many other reviews on the net, you can read the specifics there,  but with us closing in on SuperBowl XLV (45),  I thought this gives you something else to watch and still maintain a football theme...

More Later....

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  1. Of those four, I've only watched "Invincible". I thought it was well done and inspirational.