Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Social Stockmarkets


One of the new distractions I have lately has been playing with Social Networking Markets
The main two I've started playing with are

Empire Avenue is Social Networking Market that lets you trade in people, your friends or followers on various social networking websites.  Your value is based partially upon supply and demand of your shares, and by your value.  Valuations are a fun calculation of your social media presences (i.e. twitter, facebook, flickr), you share holders are paid a dividend based upon your value.  You use an e-cash called eaves, and you can purchase more eaves, or other special items that help increase your networth. (BTW that ugly string on the top of this post verifies to EAV that this is my blog for future value calculations)

Hollywood Stock Exchange lets you trade in upcoming movies, actors, television programs, derivatives, and funds.  It is much more like a stock market because they do let you short holdings as well as place stop losses. You can earn extra cash by doing movie trivia, you can compete against friends and test your love of movies in one fell swoop.

More Later....

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