About Me

I'm a old school tech geek, that occasionally has something to say.  I'll talk on anything from Canadian politics and economics, to recipes, to photography, and music.  I'm a jack of many trades, pretty reasonable BSD admin (though now I'm having to suffer through Linux admin work).  An acceptable Windows admin.  I dabble into the networking world, not as much since I no longer run an ISP. Occasionally I also put my hand into the DBA world with postgres being my kool-aide of choice.

When I'm not working, I do photography (including a stint with which included the 2005-2006 stanley cup run.)  I love food, and you will see a number of restaurant reviews and recipes sneek in from time to time.   I will aslo drop my notes from my assorted travels as they happen.

Finally I'll rant about what ever tickles my fancy.