Saturday, December 13, 2008

Reviewing Old Photos..

I've been going through my old pics because I'm contemplating retiring my self-hosted gallery.  Now I'm hosting most of my stuff currently on flickr.  I've definitely grown as a photographer since 2003, when I got my digital rebel.  I don't shoot as many frames, nor do  I like as many of the frames I've shot.  I've become more critical, and my goals as a photographer have changed.

When I started, I was on my high-horse about don't edit,  don't adjust, don't enhance blah blah blah. What a prat, I've gotten over myself.  I now think of my RAWs as a digital negative (as they are intended), and an unrefined image. Now, my job is to take the raw image and create the best photograph possible from that image.  If I need to do some colour correction, or enhancements, so be it. Crop it, rotate it, I don't care, just get the best quality final piece of art possible. Find the photograph that is hiding in the picture. 

More Later ....

NB: 2010/06/21, I have retired my self-hosted stuff, but not by choice.

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