Saturday, June 2, 2007

2007 May Long weekend

The May Longweekend turned into a study of beavers. I did my usual rounds and then to Elk Island. My timing was perfect I caught the beavers that live at Blue Heron Corner out and about.

There is a family of 4 mom, pop, and 2 yearlings and they were hard at work. A muskrat came shooting through the culvert and freaked one of the yearlings out but after more patience and dilligence, the scence progressed.

The parents were very calm and non-chalant about my presence, as long as I was still they were happy to do their thing. The yearlings were a lot more skidish.

It was jus fascinating to watch these critters go. Some were acting as bull dozers, others were acting as a hi-hoe with a grappling attachement. I spent Sunday and Monday evening there. The hard part is they don't really get active until a couple hours before sunset which means you start really seeing activity around 19h30.

The big problem is that it is just beside the road and while people are only go 60km/h the see some one sitting on a stool or standing at the side of the road and they have to see what is going on. The noise they make usually sends the beavers under water. On Monday there was another couple just watching as well, they we nice and quiet and only used a few hand signals to point to where one of the beavers had moved to, if the other lost sight.

The other thing I spent alot of time with was watching gesse as the use beaver lodges and nice nesting sites in the middle of many of the beaver ponds.

More Later....

NB: The rest of the pix now on flickr (updated April 2010)

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