Friday, December 31, 2010

Holiday Eve Suppers Amongst Friends-- A bounty of seafood.

Cooking for friends is a good way for me to pass time.  This holiday season I've done a couple of nice plates that I thought I might share.

Christmas Eve -- Squid ink linguine, with Seared scallops and lobster tail medallions.
Cook squid ink linguine per normal instructions.  I sauced it with an anchovy sauce.  Seared off the scallops and lobster tail.  Served the pasta on a platter, then placed the scallops and lobster on top for contrast.

Middle of the week -- Pan seared Halibut with lime and parsley, and greek salad.
Make a greek salad as you deem fit (I prefer mine without lettuce). Dry your halibut salt and pepper, and sear in a hot pan.  After you flip it splash with some lime juice, and minced parsley and top with a pat of butter.

New Years Eve -- Shrimp Cocktails and Fennel seed flavoured risotto with asparagus and king crab meat.
Shrimp Cocktails do as per hundreds of recipes that already exist.  For the risotto, I steeped a couple of table spoons of fennel seeds in the broth that I used for the risotto.  Prepare the risotto per your favourite method.  When the risotto was 3/4 done I added chopped asparagus, so that is was al dente when the risotto is done.  I mixed cooked king crab leg meat just at serving time.

While I do enjoy good food, during the holidays I try to do it a little better.

More Later....

PS: Here's hopin' the food in 2011 is as good as 2010. In the new year I'll try to remember to take some photos before I dig in.

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