Saturday, August 14, 2010

Gay Caballero

There once was a gay caballero
he came from Rio de Janeiro.
With nice oily hair and full of hot air
that is when he got a bum steero.

He was seeking a fair senorita
not thin yet not too much meata.
In a swell cabareta he met her
they drank one or two as other folks do.
The night was wet but they got wetter.

She told him her name was Estello
she said stick around me you fellow.
The mosquitoes they bite and they are terrible tonight
and you smell kike sweet citronella.

The patroner thought he was a phony
they way he was slinging baloney.
He told her she was so sweeta
he swept her right off of her feeta.

She was a dancer and singer
everyone was pointing a finger.
Her husband walked in what he did was a sin
Omega heard birds sing tweet tweeta.

He returned home to Rio de Janeiro
but he did not look much like a hero.
His wife met him there minus his hair
she almost chewed off his earo.

She told him that show was not Sarai
she jumped on his big sombrero.
Not only that she needed a rat
like Moses needed a pharaoh.

Tom Hoy

More Later....

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