Sunday, August 1, 2010

His Still Small Voice

I am no the man I used to be
and maybe never was
But I believe the way to life
is hid within God's laws

Men have come and men have gone
they pass like a river
Some have dreams and plans and schemes
but none stay here forever

I have lived and searched for truth
for many, many years
Although I never gave up hope
I shed some bitter tears

It is not just things that others say
that I don't like to hear
But things I wish I never said
that ring inside my ear

Words are like a boomerang
be sure they are kind are true
They always travel in a curve
and come right inside my ear

I listen to God's still small voice
as he whispers like an elf
His words that give life to my soul
I have learned to speak myself

Now here is what hes says to me
my son Jesus is the key
His love and truth will make you free
he opened my door to life for thee

I fore no one to live or die
the choice is theirs I will tell you why
Persuade a man against his will
He will have the same opinion still

Tom Hoy

More Later....

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