Thursday, September 25, 2008

Canadian Election Stupidity

It's election time here in Canada, no real surprise.  I heard some of the campaign rhetoric from one of our major parties and just about died laughing.  The NDP want's to allow municipalities to be able to ban hand guns.  MY GOD!!!  Do these morons think, that the people who have the hand guns (which are pretty much illegal as is) give a rats ass about the law?!  Do these morons think that the people packin' heat to a dope deal, or for a gang retaliation give to flying @)#(*)@#( about the legality of a fire arm!!  While I applaud the concept, the reality is just too funny for words.

How do you get tougher on crime I don't have an easy or simple answers, but people that are going to blatantly skirt the law, are not going to give a damn about a tougher law.  Ultimately people with legal firearms just won't be allowed to have them, and the criminals will still be armed to the hilt.

More Later....