Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A Faithful Friend

Oh horse you are a faithful friend
Your springs Don't brake or fenders bend.
No gas bills rising everyday
to steal the joy of life away.
You always star, come rain or snow
and stop when you are told to "whoa."
Your fuel is good for many a mile
and your body never changes style.
With temperature that never boils
you don't drink up expensive oils.
A coat that is so nice and sleek,
you don't need polish every week.
Your brakes will never squeal or slip
or cushion ever crack or rip.
Your piston rods are nice and tight
and headlights beam both day and night.
You do not have a horn that toots
to scare nice folks out of their boots.
Your inner tubes are all O.K.
and thank the Lord they stay that way.
You are air-conditioned in the breeze
and don't need any anti-freeze.
No matter where you drivers roam
You always bring them safely home.
Your value don't depreciate
the minute you are out the gate.
You don't consume expensive gas
So live old friend and you'll get grass.

Tom Hoy

More Later....

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