Monday, September 27, 2010

Hello America

Back in fourteen ninety two
Columbus sailed with his Spanish crew
He was never sure where he was at
his friends told him the earth was flat.
But Columbus thought it must be round
that is why America he found.
They sailed until they reached a shore
Where they had never been before
The natives there were brown and red
"This must be India" Christopher said.
They watched the natives all a-gog
When Smoke poured from their mouths like fog
Some were eating corn and spuds
they were not wearing any duds.
When Chris and crew returned to Spain
they vowed they would go back again.
When they told of great land beyond the seas
folks though they must be out of their trees.
Then some told Chris he should retire
when he smoked they though he was on fire.
Just when his pipe was glowing red
they poured cold water on his head.
They said when the smelled the nicotine
it must be hell where Chris has been.
Not everyone great history makes
Christopher Columbus had what it takes.

Tom Hoy

More Later....

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