Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Back to Quito

Got up and had some fruit for desayuno, then chatted with the hotel owner. Puyo is a no go the town will be a bigger zoo then Baños. Now that the chaos of carnival is reduced, we go see the inside of the church.... It's quite amazing some very nice older portraits and icons. Then we notice a bunch of people running .... Wax fire, Wax fire (shades of alf shouting grease fire come to mind ;)) With all the candles they had been burning over the last few days some surplus wax caught fire and was causing a commotion. Still a handful of kids spraying that bloody foam, but they are doing from the safety of moving vehicles, and the victims are not nearly as jovial about getting it.

Almuerzo was churrazos (steak and eggs), with a vegetable medley. In the veggies was something I never had romaneska. It's the colour and texture of brocaflour, but with an anise flavour, and the floretes are a different shape. Was yummy. Need put that on my "to be found" list. Back to the hotel. Checkout. Back to Quito to see what's next.

Amazonia is a nicer busline than we came to Baños on (no I didn't pay attention to the name of the original busline.) But the driver took the avion sign in the window a little too seriously. The driver must have wanted to be home in time for dinner or something, he motored it as much as possible.

Arrived at Maria Cecilia's flat changed and went to catch and flick and get some groceries. Other than some slightly different, or fresher produce, the supermarket would be just like anything back home. We saw Diamante de Sangre (Blood Diamond). Excellent flick, only missed a couple of lines (the Mende and Afrikaans) since the subtitles were in español, but I got the gist of what was being said. My main beef about change still applies, while they did take my twenty, they would have preferred not to..... sigh... I think they like counting bills and change or somethin'.

After the flick we decided to grab a couple things from the deli, some meat and cheese to make a couple of omelettes. Got some sliced meat (was the wrong stuff, but I didn't notice until it was too late..) and the cheese. Damn it they don't want to slice the cheese. It's 21h00, the deli is open until midnight, they don't wanna slice the cheese because the had cleaned the cheese slicer. WTF. Can't get service, always want the correct!!

Got back to Maria Cecilia's flat and I cooked us a couple omelettes. For the sliced meat, instead of a nice salami, they gave us Majestic Sausage, wrong stuff but seemed tasty enough. Tomorrow I'm gonna try the bus on my own, instead of cabbin' it.

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