Friday, February 16, 2007

Rain Rain Rain

Welcome to the tropics. Frequent rain showers seem to be the norm, even at altitude. Was another day of walking around old Quito. There is something like 15 or 20 museums covering different aspects and periods of Ecuadoran history. I'm still strolling only with my point-n-shoot, instead of the DSLR. There is an amazing old cathedral, for a couple bucks you can go up into the clock towers, you can also walk around the sanctuary.

The smell of the food was finally too big a temptation. Just off the square the was a little shop that sold papas fritas (french fries). So for a buck I got myself an order with all the local fixins. Made my way back to the montaña, so far so good food is agreeing with me. Siesta and a couple more bottles of water and life is good.

Maria Cecilia took me to the mall, have some of the usual suspects like sub shops and a MacD's, but also some of the local fare. Had some assorted fried seafood, since it was near closing time, and they were out of the pescado asado (grilled/bbq'ed fish). We were going to go the cinema, but we were too late. We walked around the outskirts of the mall and noticed "The British Pub." I thought I'd get a good laugh and headed in. Damn looks like all the little british style pubs I've been in all over Canada and the US. The owner was from Scotland, but was at the other pub (there were a couple of these around Quito), so didn't yack with him, but the manager had spent a couple years in Toronto..... Seems like anyone that spoke english and knew about Canada was in Toronto for a couple years.... but the manager had also spent some time in Calgary and Vancouver. The pub had their own micro brew ad did a nice stout and a nice light ale. Had a heiffaweis, to introduce Maria Cecilia to a very different kind of beer. Lets face it if all you've had is either a bad pilsner, or bad lagers I can't blame you for disliking beer. She was surprised by the flavour, and would drink it again, but she will probably forget and not. Ordered a serving of a nice jalapeño smokies, served with a nice spicy mustard and some fresh bread. That hit the spot. Since Maria Cecilia wasn't a big drinker, and I saw they had american style schnapps (the sweet stuff, not the nice german high test), I introduced her to a fuzzy navel.... EVERYONE get your mind out of the gutter!!!!.... Peach Schnapps and Orange Juice, not the fur on my tummy..... Thoose she will remember and order again.

I'm in the damn tropics it's pouring rain and I'm dehydrated....grrrrrrr.... welcome to altitude. We went back to MC's flat and I snarfled down more water. She also gave me granadilla was yummy like a sweet tapioca pudding with kiwi seeds. Turns out it retrospect, and after looking in my dictionary it's passion fruit. I was accustom to seeing the larger version muracuyá, and I drink lots of passion fruit nectar, but I hadn't see the smaller granadilla before.

another litre of water and off to sleep.

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