Thursday, December 25, 2008

Day 8 -- México 2008 -- Navidad

Feliz Navidad!! Feliz Navidad!! You know the song.  I made my way back to Cristina's__ Hey! I'm getting the hang of this cab thing, I'm actually getting to the door without pulling my hair out.  We eat left overs, the bacalao like any sauce is better the next day; I conviced people to eat the bacalao as a sauce for the pasta yummy. 

I do photos of Marcela, Nevlin, and Cristina as well as Estefania in the park across the street.  It's great to see Cristina with her family.

Back to the kitchen I prepare potato pancakes with capers, smoked salmon, sour cream, minced onion and parsley.  Mama had sent her skillet back to Monterrey, D'OH!!  We find a smaller skillet in the house, and manage to make do, it just takes longer to cook all of the pancakes. Everyone loved them so it was worth the work. 

Most of the group heads to the festival of lights, while I baby sit Estef. 

Another great day, too bad my time is comming to an end.

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