Friday, May 21, 2010

MTY - Day 4 - Meet the Spanish

Got my coffee fix, and started review the tour photos and the Bautizo photos, I'm a little tired but things are good. Don't recall what the hell I ate for lunch, supper was the bigger deal. Adi and Isaac had a meet the family dinner party, where the Spaniards got to meet the Mexicans.

Had a nice brocheta with rice, some chorizo, and beverages of choice for dinner. People sat, chatted and generally havin' a good ol' time. Cristina had made a video of the bride and groom, and boy did we have an adventure getting it to play on her mom's big screen. Normally I carry every adapter know to mankind for my laptop in order to hook up to every other kind of display. But this year, I decided to save on weight, I didn't carry my all stuff. They went to an electronics store for a vga-dvi adapter but nope way too much for a one off. We manage because I could do S-Video, but didn't get a sound connection because it was only a video and there were no amplified speakers for my laptop, and I didn't have the S-Video+Audio splitter.... DOH!!!

One of the Spaniards had a double reed wind instrument that was sort of like an oboe (a tenora I think), and started playing paso dobles and a variety of other Catalan and Spanish music. People were dancing and singing and having a great old time.

Isaac's father had done a number of ink sketches from assorted photos I had taken and gave to Adi's family. Some very fine work especially since they were done with an ordinary ball point.

We wrapped up the evening, and Nelvin got to play taxi driver for me, we hit a little taquería, I had a gringo and a taco al pastor. Because I had space, and their house was full Nelvin crashed at my hotel for the night.

More Later...

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