Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Road Trip -- YEG->YYC -- And Back Again

I gave myself an down day just incase there were travel problems. Since I had the time I volunteered to pick my friends up in Calgary. For me the difference in cost between YEG and YYC wasn't worth it, but for them definitely.

I drove to there house, swapped my car for theirs, and made my way to YYC. I grabbed a double-double and a honey crueller at the Tim Hortons in Red Deer, and continued to YYC. I forgot how much construction there can be on the highways so I arrived about 30 minutes later than expected.

We get the two little ones snuggled into their car seats, the bags and cargo stashed in the boot and make our way to YEG.

We decide to grab some timbits and a coffee we pull into joffre. With our sugar and caffeine cravings fixed we are back on the road. In no time we are back in YEG.

It was a surprisingly uneventful car trip have two kids under three in the car. In YEG I help get everyone fed and settled in.  Overall an excellent day...

More Later....

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